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Welcome to Nugent Waterside Resort and Training Centre, Chiang Mai

nugent waterside-sunrise


For a useful guide to Chiang Mai see:  Chiang Mai Waterside and surround

nugent waterside lakeside suite sunrise

A lakeside resort and training centre with guesthouse, garden houses, suites and apartments for rent.  Rice barns provide beautiful and spacious balconies in this charming garden setting in Chiang Mai. North Thailand.


Attractive and economical accommodation if you are helping with Care for Dogs or following a course at the Asian Healing Arts Center.


Friendly staff and good Thai food in the restaurant ensure your stay at Nugent Waterside resort and teacher training centre is enjoyable and satisfying.


Whether you come to North Thailand for bed and breakfast and a quiet and peaceful stay in an apartment, suite or house or to spend a while training for massage or reiki, or to volunteer, you will love the garden and lakeside ambience and accommodation.


You might stay in a lakeside apartment                                or the guesthouse                                                             and enjoy a party.

nugent waterside lakeside suite day nugent waterside-guesthouse nugent waterside-dance



Feed the catfish in the lake, have a drink with the catfish on the bar

nugent waterside-catfish-bar


 or just sit quietly by the lake  nugent waterside lakeside suite night


  or in the garden.nugent waterside lounge sala