Welcome to Nugent Waterside Chiang Mai


Accommodation at Nugent Waterside

Good value accommodation in a natural setting. A tropical garden, a lake with clean water teeming with catfish, wooden rice barns provide balconies for comfortable houses and suites.  Comfortable rooms, suites and houses on a monthly basis with a good restaurant.  Free wifi and drinking water


Our 12 room guesthouse with rice barn. Nugent-Waterside-Chiang_mai_guesthouse_balcony

Garden Apartments

Two of our four garden apartments. Nugent-Waterside_Chiang_mai_212_down_gard_view

Lakeside Apartments

A view from the east of some of our lakeside apartments.

Lakeside accommodation at Nugent Waterside

Lakeside accommodation at Nugent Waterside

Photo by Frank Muller click_here  myllerphoto


Our Thai  lakeside house. Nugent_Waterside_Chiang_mai_216_side


Nugent Waterside is near to click_here Hang Dong Golf Course, Night Safari, Ratchaphruek Floral Gardens and Ob Khan national park The sun rises over the lake. The Feng Shui is superb with the lake in front and the mountains behind. Nugent_Waterside_Chiang_Mai_1 Nugent Waterside offers accommodation and restaurant in a tropical garden. We have with rooms, houses and suites for rent in the garden and overlooking the lake. Rice barns provide beautiful and spacious balconies in this charming garden setting in Chiang Mai, North Thailand.

Local Attractions

Nugent offers attractive and economical accommodation if click_here you are doing a CELTA in Hang Dong, helping with Care for Dogs or following a course at the Asian Healing Arts Center.

Local Food

We have friendly staff and good Thai food in the cafeteria. Be sure your stay at Nugent Waterside will be enjoyable and satisfying. Try some local Chiang Mai dishes such as Khao Soi or Kaeng Hung Lae. You might come to North Thailand for bed and breakfast and a quiet and peaceful stay in an apartment, suite or house. You could make good use of the peace and quiet to do CELTA training, to learn massage or reiki, or to volunteer with Care for Dogs. You will love the garden and lakeside ambience and accommodation.

Stay in a lakeside apartment with a large wooden balcony at the waterside.   nugent_waterside_lakeside_suite_day

Chill out in Nugent guest house, surrounded by golden teak and a rice barn to relax in.   nugent_waterside-guesthouse

Enjoy a party at Nugent Waterside, with local Chiang Mai food and dancing.   nugent_waterside-dance

Feed the catfish in the lake, relax at the bar.  You cannot catch the enormous Russian and Mekhong Catfish in the lake but you can enjoy a tasty snack along with a refreshing drink.     nugent_waterside-catfish-bar or just sit quietly on your balcony overlooking the lake. nugent_waterside_lakeside_suite_night

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